Stop the criminalisation & intimidation of fugitives & solidary persons on St. Pauli, the Mediterranean – and everywhere!

While in Hamburg and in many other cities today (06.07) thousands of people took to the streets against dying in the Mediterranean and for the rights of fugitives, the Hamburg police once again had nothing better to do than to hunt down the survivors and to criminalize residents* of solidarity on their way home from the demonstration.

At the same time as the demonstration, around 20 policemen and policewomen* from different sides rushed brutally at a group of fugitives who were in the Hafenstrasse area to check them out. One person fell to the ground and injured himself so badly that an ambulance had to be called. Another person was arrested.

After the final rally of the demo, two residents* who were on their way home met by chance in Hafenstraße and talked for a moment when two policewomen* came up to them and accused them of representing an “unannounced meeting” and therefore of having to carry out a people check. The reason given was that one of the persons was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “Refugees Welcome” and a demo poster with the words “Black Lives Matter” was parked near a bank.

The fact that the departure of a demonstration was part of the right of assembly seemed of little interest to the policewomen*. Rather, it was once again a matter of intimidating and criminalizing residents* of solidarity with the actual aim of isolating fugitives living in precarious conditions on St. Pauli.

We say: Creating safe harbours also means – Stop the racist controls! Stop the deportations! We remain loud and resistant: Stop the criminalisation and intimidation of fugitives and people in solidarity on St. Pauli, the Mediterranean – and everywhere! No one is illegal!

Welcome to the Danger Zone – Audiowalk against racist Police violence

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