We look out for each other! Solidarity instead of police!

We take care of each other – Solidarity instead of police!

You sit on a park bench, walk around your neighborhood, go to the market or to your workplace, you are standing at the bus stop or the police suddenly rings your doorbell – the police can use anything to control you.
Various legal regulations such as the establishment of so-called ‘danger zones’, new police laws and now the Corona regulations allow the police to search people,to check people’s identity, and sanction alleged wrongdoing. This may be new for some. For people affected by racism,homeless people or sex workers: Racial profiling and other discriminatory controls, physical violence and murder by the police belong to everyday life – even before Corona. With even more powers the police practices even more violence and even more racial profiling, especially because there are fewer people on the street.

The pandemic is leading to a stabilisation and worsening of racist conditions and structural inequalities.
This is shown not only in the increase in racist and other discriminatory police checks, but also in the situation in the camps on the external EU borders. But also here, locally, in migrant and poor districts, prisons or camps. Instead of enabling health care and physical distance, camps and refugee shelter are suddenly “mass quarantine” controlled by police. The danger of contagion with the Coronavirus and the risk of dying from it, and the measures taken to contain it that have been decided, do not affect all people equally.

We do not need more police, control and punishment!

We need more solidarity!
We demand a
independent control and complaint body,

instead of growing powers for the police.

We demand equal rights and provision for all!

Pandemic protection must be anti-racist and for all!

Let us act together in solidarity and the society defend the many!

If you are controlled by the police or observe actions, you can do the following:

You are subject to discriminatory treatment by the police. You are not
alone. Contact an initiative near you (more on this below). Get there
support, advice, legal assistance and let’s work together to fight it.
You don’t have to disclose your private life to officials. It is still valid the
right to refuse to give evidence to the police, even in times of Corona!
Be solidary towards people who are in control.Offer the person concerned.

Explain that you are responsible for the controlled person
control, observe and testify!
Control and document police work! You are welcome to contact the below listed

Stop Racial Profiling!
Black Lives Matter!
Solidarity instead of police!

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Email: info@kop-berlin.de
Email: copwatch-hh@systemli.org
Email: kgp@systemli.org
Email: copwatchleipzig@riseup.net
069 – 34 877 315
Email: info@copwatchffm.o rg
https:// kopbremen.noblogs.org
Email: kop-bremen@riseup.net
Email: kop-kiel@riseup.net