Stop racist police controls! – especially in times of Corona #CopwatchHH

Stop racist police controls!
– especially in times of Corona #CopwatchHH

Because of Corona, the police is currently increasingly on the streets and carries out checks on persons. As a result, an increase in racist and otherwise discriminatory police practices can be observed.

Many people with precarious residence status live and work in our neighbourhood. For marginalised people, the increased presence of the police in public places is a permanent threat. Again and again we see that especially these people are stopped by the police and controlled with reference to the general order, although there is obviously no violation of it.

Although the Corona measures are aimed at all people equally, living conditions such as poverty or homelessness make it difficult or impossible to comply with them. Instead of ensuring safe accommodation and care for all, the police harass those very people whose existence was already threatened before Corona.

Therefore, especially in times of Corona, it is important to look more closely and support those affected. In view of the threatening situation caused by the corona virus and the measures taken in the context of slowing its spread, we are once again calling for equal rights for all instead of repression. It is a question of legalising all those who live here, access to the labour and housing market, the education system and health care. Solidarity will win!

If you have experienced or observed racist police measures by the police in Hamburg, please contact us for documentation purposes and for referral to counselling centres or lawyers.

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