Standing reception in solidarity against racist police controls 03.07.2020

#### As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, we continue to rely on mummery and physical distance from each other. We look out for each other – both at Covid-19 and at racist police checks! ####

Standing reception in solidarity against racist police controls

03.07.20 | 20 o’clock | Balduin Stairs

For years now, yellow-clad gangs in uniform, equipped with body cams and batons, have been patrolling through our neighborhood:innenschaft, making it a “dangerous place” for black people and People of Color, who are repeatedly victims of racist police checks here, but also in the redoubt and St. George.

Meanwhile, Verbote-Grote invites to a standing reception, some politicians:innen & police unions tell stories about an allegedly increasing violence against police officers:innen, journalists:innen the police criticism is supposed to be intimidated with advertisements, the police of Hamburg removes police-critical posters in St. Pauli and at the Flora…

With all this, what it must actually be about is deliberately lost from view: Let’s talk about racist police violence!

That is why we call on you to show your presence on Friday, 3 July 20 at 8 p.m. at the Balduin Stairs against racist police checks and to show solidarity with those affected by them.

For an end to racist police checks! Solidarity instead of police!

In case the weather turns bad against all expectations, the solidarity reception will be postponed.

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