Report Racist Police Control in Park Fiction on 26.05.20

Mussa and Jibril regularly go to Park Fiction to meet friends. In the evening of 26.05.20 they are victims of a racist police control for the second time. The park is well visited that evening. Many people sit alone, in pairs or in small groups together, drink a cold drink and talk. So also Mussa and Jibril. Four cops, who had been standing around in the park at first, suddenly approach the two black men with determination and demand their identity cards and, when asked why they are being checked, claim that this is a “normal check”. One of them tells us later: “There were so many white people sitting in the park, some in groups, and the police didn’t care about them. They only controlled us. Why? This is not a normal control. That’s racist.” Many people who were in the park that night expressed solidarity with those affected and called on the police to stop controlling them. The cops then call for reinforcements, so that a little later the two men are surrounded by about fifteen cops. After checking the personal details of the victims, Mussa and Jibril are sent off without reason and have to leave the park.

Through the facilitation of so-called suspicion-independent controls and now the Corona regulations, St. Pauli once again becomes a ‘dangerous place’ for all people who are targeted by the police due to racist criminalisation. It cannot be that people in our neighbourhood cannot sit in the park with their friends without being harassed, controlled and bullied by the police. We demand an immediate end to the police siege and the racist controls or as one of the victims said this evening: “You should stop chasing black people in St. Pauli!